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About Us

Our Story

Green Fuego is a family owned vertically- integrated producer located in Santa Fe, NM. Our team at Green Fuego is driven to offer the highest quality cannabis products to our community. Our flower is completely soil grown, hand watered, hand trimmed, cured to perfection, award winning flower. We Strive for only THE BEST!!!! Green Fuego is unique in the cultivation techniques we implement- as it is the only facility in Santa Fe that recycles/reuses its water production. The water used to water our plants everyday is collected and sent to our next door neighbor who is a veterinarian (we love animals here at the Fuego). One of her services she offers is an aquamation process for deceased animals as opposed to the incineration process. What we do is collect our waste run off water and dehumidifier/ac water and pump it next door to her facility so she can use it in her process to cut down on our water usage together! We typically use our dehumidifier water to re water our plants but sometimes there is too much so have collaborated with Chamisa Veterinary to cut down our water usage together. If we have anything excess we spend time watering our trees outside and other landscape we have around the property.  Our goal is to bring the best tasting, smelling and smoking cannabis to the NM market while providing an all-around relaxing shopping experience for the customer. 

Eric Trujillo


The foundation to Green Fuego is Master Grower Eric Trujillo. Eric has grown and studied cannabis for over 20 years. Eric's love for cannabis started when he realized the impact of the medicinal benefits for him personally. He attended NMSU to study agriculture, then moved on to work in the cannabis industry. Eric comes from a GB-98 background and helped design, build out and open multiple  larger facilities in the state. Eric is known for producing some of the highest quality cannabis in the state of NM, even earning the nickname "the plant whisper". His mission is to share his amazing 'greenthumb' and help our New Mexico Cannabis community learn more about this special plant. 

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